Hiya folks, I'm Lily! This blog (for all intents and purposes) is mostly Doctor Who, a little Sherlock here, a little Star Trek there, a slice of Supernatural, a pinch of LOTR, throw in a good amount of ATLA/LOK, and maybe even a little Disney, if you're lucky. Oh, who am I kidding, there's a lot of Disney. Enjoy!
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For Marie

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how to kiss a boy

  1. grab his waist
  2. slip your hand in his pocket
  3. steal his wallet
  4. dont even kiss him
  5. just run


keep your friends close and your laptop charger closer


dating tip: ask them to show you their recently used emojis so you can count your matches and see if you are compatible

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fucking sing along!!! - a bunch of random songs you can’t help but sing along to!!!!! // listen 

1build me up buttecup - the foundations  2. jessie’s girl - rick springfield 3. wagon wheel- old crown medecine show  4.  brown eyed girl - van morrison 5. party in the usa - miley cyrus 6.  fresh prince of bel air theme song - will smith 7. piano man - billy joel 8. hey jude - the beatles 9. ignition (remix) - r. kelly 10. sweet caroline- neil diamond 11. thriller - michael jackson 12. call me maybe - carly rae jepsen 13. stand by me - ben e. king 14. just a friend - biz markie 15. i want it that way - the backstreet boys 16. american pie- don mclean 18. don’t stop believin’- journey 19. mr. brightside- the killers 20. baby one more time- britney spears 21. livin’ on a prayer- bon jovi  22. sweet home alabama- lynyrd skynyrd 23. i will survive- gloria gaynor 24. wannabe- spice girls 25. all star - smash mouth


*jon snow travels to outer space* 

aliens: ah, you must be ned stark’s bastard

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I am groot.

hobbits-elfboots-and-trenchcoats says: The Fault In Our Sherlock- could you remake the poster with potato John and Sherlock? Maybe? (also we havent talked in a while we should talk more)


..whoops spelling mistake fixed! :D